Sunday, April 24, 2016

Absolute Power review

5 out of 5 stars
So I'd heard a lot about Absolute Power. I expected it to be one of the best books I ever read, and I was not disappointed.
When a professional burglar witnesses a murder involving the President of the United States it starts a chain of evens no one could have imagined.
In the beginning I wasn't completely sold on the book. There were a lot of threads and carracters, and it didn't seem that the book had a connection or a direction. But as the book progressed, as the story progressed, it developed into something I could have never guessed. The threads wove together into something amazing. It was a book that made me cry and kept me guessing the whole time. I read a lot of suspense and it takes a lot to catch me off guard. Absolute Power did just that. I didn't expect how the story unfolded, I didn't expect how characters reacted, and I absolutely did not see how it was going to end.
I highly recommend this book to fans of political thrillers.