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A decades old mystery and a deadly game of cat and mouse will change Charlotte Marshall forever.

Charlotte has a good life: friends, family, a successful career. Her perfect life is destroyed when research for a book and a connection from her past plunges her into the middle of her worst nightmare.

On the run, with no one to trust, Charlotte begins to unravel the work of a sadistic murderer. Afraid and alone, she will learn the meaning of trust and just when to run.

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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Run is a suspense novel written by Becky Johnson. Charlotte is a published author with two books already under her belt and a third expected by her agent and publisher, but she's having some problems getting started on that third book. None of her ideas seem to get her creative energy working until she remembers the impact that the news of the discovery of a murdered girl's body made on her when she was young. They had been about the same age, which made it all a bit more personal. Charlotte starts to research the story and finally finds the girl she remembered: Emily Carmichael, but there are others, too many other young, slight victims in New Jersey who fit Emily's profile. When Charlotte expands her search into other states, she finds even more girls who seem to fit into the pattern. Charlotte collects all her data and presents it to an FBI agent, who examines it and promises to follow it further. Shortly thereafter, Charlotte's been attacked by the serial killer behind the girls' deaths, and he promises to show her exactly what he did to them.

Becky Johnson's suspense thriller, Run, is an exciting and not at all predictable novel. Charlotte is intriguing, tough and resourceful, and it's marvelous watching her research the girls and then promise to avenge them. After the killer finds her, Charlotte goes on the run and continues researching and trying to identify the killer out of her SUV. Agent Jack Moore is a great supporting character who seems the perfect leading man for a romance, but Charlotte is not quite sure she can trust him. Johnson's story is beautifully plotted and quite well written. I found that time just slipped away as I wondered how Charlotte was going to survive her next encounter with a serial killer who sends her taunting emails and seems to know exactly where she is at any given moment. Becky Johnson's Run is filled with action and adventure mixed with some pretty resourceful sleuthing, and it succeeds brilliantly.

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  1. Hi Becky, my table (children's books) was next to yours at the Collingswood Book Festival yesterday. Before my wife and I left, I bought a copy of "Run" from you. When we got home, I started reading and and could not put it down until finished. GREAT read, with much suspense! Well done! I can;t wait for "Stand."

    Mark C. Collins

  2. Hi Mark, Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was so great getting to meet you on Saturday. Hopefully we will get the chance to run into each other again!