Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stand Cover and Blurb !!!

(Working Blurb - this will likely change about ten times!)
Nine months ago Charlotte Marshall survived a nightmare when she was hunted by a sadistic killer. Now routine, ritual, and a vigorous self-defense schedule barely keep the fear at bay.

Desperate to move on Charlotte finds hope in volunteering with FindMe, an organization dedicated to finding missing people and helping their families. Her first case ends up being more than she bargained for, and she soon learns that a little hope can be a dangerous thing.

While Charlotte unravels a mystery, an old enemy circles waiting for just the right moment to strike. Charlotte will have to choose to stand and fight, or to give in to the fear that waits for her.

Stand will be available soon for pre-order on Amazon - I will keep you all updated.
In other news - I currently have a Goodreads giveaway running. Sign-up for a free signed copy of Run!

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