Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Moon Review

5 out of 5 stars

Winter Moon is classic Dean Koontz the story builds and builds until you almost can't take the tension. It's so crazy if he wasn't such a good writer I probably would have thrown the book down in disgust instead I read the craziness like I just couldn't get enough. It had all the things that make me terrified.
-isolated ranch
-animals acting weird
-noises in the forest
-dead bodies, or not so dead bodies?
-kids not acting like themselves
I loved it!
On another note and aside from the horror/thriller aspect of the story I really like how Dean Koontz portrays women in his books. His female characters aren't whiney and pathetic, waiting for a man to save them. They fight alongside his male characters. In the same way his male characters aren't all brawn with no emotional reactions. Instead his characters are very realistic and a great mixture of strength and weakness. They work together male and female, both fighting and feeling, to defeat the bad guy/thing. In particular there was one scene where the father, reassures the son, Toby, that he will be safe with his mother, Heather, because she is strong and will protect him. How great is that.
A highly recommended Koontz read.


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