Friday, August 1, 2014

Eyelids of the Morning Review

Eyelids of the Morning is a great book that I really enjoyed. It is well-written with believable characters and an enjoyable storyline. Brothers Ethan and Rory join their uncle on a summer trip to Africa. They are surprised however to learn that their trip is to look for dinosaurs. Once in Africa the brothers, along with a new friend Maggie, find themselves in the midst of an adventure. It was a fast and enjoyable read.

There were a few info dumps in the first chapter as the characters and background were introduced. I know from my own writing how very difficult this is to avoid. I also found myself somewhat distracted by the use of OK versus okay. That probably wouldn't bother most people, but it is one of those things I always notice!

Overall this was a great, fun read. I probably would have given it five stars, but while it was fun it was definitely YA. The very best complement I can give this book is this - this is a book I would recommend or give to my nieces and nephews. I think they would love it!


Check back on August 7th for the cover reveal of Heidi's newest book.  Involuntary Kings is the third book in Heidi's Delmar Shark Chronicles. The cover is amazing! I can't wait for you to see it!

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