Sunday, April 26, 2015


Well I have a lot of news to share. There is so much going on! Run and Stand are both doing very well. Run is rated 4.27 on Goodreads and Stand is rated 4.30. I am always amazed when people tell me that they enjoyed the books. It seems a little unbelievable.

Festival Season is here and I have several that I am hoping to attend. First there is the Caladium Festival in Central Florida on July 24 – 26. Then there is the Baltimore Book Festival on September 27th. Then finally the Collingswood Book Festival on October 3rd. I am really excited to bring all three of the Charlotte Marshall Mystery books to the festivals this year. (Except the one in July!)

Book three Redemption is really exciting. I think you all will love it. There is so much happening and the characters grow so much. At this point I should have a cover to show you in July and I am expecting a release in early to mid-August.

In June there will new covers coming out for both Run and Stand. I am really excited to work with Wicked Book Covers on the new covers. I will have a cover reveal on June 1st.

Once Redemption is out I will be working on my next book, a stand alone novel, titled They. It is a suspense/horror book that takes place in a little town plagued by a mysterious evil. I’ve had this book in my head for years. It will be a joy to share the story with you all.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope to see some of you at the festivals!


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