Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Self-Publishing Crash Course

Three months ago I self-published my first novel, Run. I will freely admit I really did not know what to expect. Within the first month I learned about editing, covers, blurbs, bios, social media, book trailers, and marketing. I learned a lot about marketing. I'll admit it I ended up with some mud on face a time or two. I learned some good lessons though, both in my writing and in marketing my book.

Some of those lessons I have been able to put in place right away, I think Run now is better than it was three months ago. It has a better cover, blurb, trailer, and editing. Even more though I think Stand will be a better book. I finished the first draft, which I really like. I have been looking at cover options and I have some really good choices. I think it will look awesome. I will post it once I can.

As for social media. I am learning. I guess I am a little social media awkward. I am figuring it out though. One day at time. That's what I keep telling myself. Everyday.

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